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I'm about to be twenty.
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Liam Payne is my future husband (jk)
Josh Cuthbert i love you and your weird twitter updates
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'Girls there you go guess who'

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Does anyone have a clue as to who killed Lucy? I’m still fucking pissed about it even though I knew it was going to happen like a month ago. 

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Of course Liam, being the middle one, has suffered middle child syndrome, but I also think sometimes Harry and Niall will come into Liam's room in the early morning and jump on his bed and try to wake him up so he can watch cartoons with them and they poke his face and arm until he gives in and watched cartoons with them and Liam sits in the middle of them and they both laid their heads on Liam's shoulder and Harry even fell asleep on him and (c)


Liam and Niall started laughing at Harry sleeping and they were so loud that they woke him up and pouted cause they woke him and then they all started laughing and cuddled for the rest if the morning…. Or maybe sometimes Zayn and Louis take Liam along on their mystery machine and they drive around and Louis let’s him drive but Liam is terrified at first so they rub his back and tell him he’ll do fine and give him kisses and cuddles so he gains confidence in driving and they drive around all day singing “we are the champions” and being all cute.. Or maybe they all cuddle up in one bed to watch a movie and Liam is in the middle and he feels safe and warm in the middle of his brothers :)

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